About us

When forming Anecdote in 2004, we decided that our purpose
was to help restore humanity to the workplace.

Initially, we focused on story-listening – collecting anecdotes from staff and customers to deliver insights, and to inspire people to take action based on what was discovered.

We resisted storytelling for several years, as we were initially worried about the potential for it to be misused. But our clients persisted so we said we would help them with storytelling as long as it was focussed on real life experiences told orally and not made up stories. In 2007 we develop the Storytelling for Leaders program, and we’ve been running it ever since.

In 2009, we used our experience and skills in helping leaders become better storytellers to develop our first strategy story – a story that explains a company’s strategy and which leaders can share off-the-cuff, without notes or PowerPoint slides.

Anecdote is now in a unique position. We can help a company develop and embed its strategic story, help its leaders develop the skills to share stories that reinforce the strategy, and help develop a process for finding and sharing success stories for everyone to tell.


We know that strategy = change.

And we know that a story-driven approach to change will help restore humanity to the companies we work with.

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