About us


From the moment Anecdote started life in 2004, our purpose was to help restore humanity to the workplace.

At first, we focused on story-listening: collecting anecdotes from workers and customers to deliver insights, and to inspire decision-makers with these stories to take action based on what they discovered.

Soon enough, our customers asked us to help them become better storytellers. We resisted at first because it’s too easy to misuse stories. But our clients were determined, so we agreed to do it, as long as we could concentrate on real-life experiences told orally and not made-up tales.


In 2007 we developed the Storytelling for Leaders® program, and in 2015 the Storytelling for Sales™ (now Story-Powered Sales™) program, so we could teach story skills and patterns with which to engage, influence and inspire people to take action.

Throughout this time, we were mindful that some storytelling trainers believe that Hollywood-style theatrics and business are a terrific mix. They’re not! Instead, our programs focus on the small stories people actually tell in companies—we show how to deliver them to make a business point.


In 2009 we developed our first strategy story: a story explaining a company’s strategy that leaders can share off-the-cuff and in their own words. Eventually, this work evolved into our Story-Powered Strategy™ program.


In 2013 we began licensing our programs to partners all over the world so that we could expand our capability to reach more organisations and fulfil our purpose.

Anecdote is now unique in having a global network of over 60 partners in 28 countries, with our learning programs translated into 11 languages, and customers that incorporate these programs into their leadership and sales enablement activities.


Below are our professional descriptions. But we are much more than these. At Anecdote we have teammates who love pole dancing, Charles Darwin, underwater photography, Zumba, rock climbing, true crime podcasts, playing guitar, screenwriting and Egyptology. Can you guess who matches with what?

Abby Guiyab

—business support. Abby is our go-to when we want something done in marketing or sales, such as opportunities research, social prospecting, or messaging. She helps us 'buy more time' in our workday so that we can focus on the things we do best, letting us work on our business rather than in it.

Callum Gallagher

—business support. Callum is a recent Law and International Relations graduate who supports our team and our global partner network. He ensures our products are delivered well ahead of time, provides technological support, and regularly conducts quality research to help push Anecdote forward.

Cynden Adams

—communication and product development. Cynden is a recent Journalism and Communication graduate. She tells our story through marketing and social media, and works with our team to ensure our products are of the highest quality and incorporate our latest research.

Georgia Callahan

—events and sales specialist. Georgia is helping us establish our London office. She gets the word out about our approach, in a new market, based on her extensive events and customer service experience. Always with a smile, Georgia will help you make the most of storytelling for your business.

Jane Taylor

—business manager. Jane keeps the company back-end running smoothly. She will ensure your customer experience is first-rate!

Kerenza Smith

—visual impact. Kerenza directs the graphic design crew to ensure the materials we work with and present are high quality and have the impact we need. It's not just creating glossy materials, it's about the best visual representation for the job.

Mark Schenk

—storytelling and business. Mark has co-created and delivered our workshops and projects since 2004. He helps leadership teams across the globe find practical ways to improve their business with story. Based in Melbourne.
m: +61 412 429 852

Mike Adams

—author of Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell. Mike applies his international multi-industry sales experience to Anecdote's Story-Powered Sales™ Program.
Based in Melbourne.
m: +61 435 724 496

Paul Honeywell

—chairman, business strategist and storyteller. Paul is an experienced consultant and business leader. He has worked with clients all over the world to engage their employees and deliver their strategies using storytelling.
Based in the UK.
m +44 7785 226669.

Paul Ichilcik

—expert facilitator and story consultant. Having worked for Amazon, Microsoft, and multiple C-level executives, Paul has been immersed in practical storytelling. He has crafted countless narratives, led hundreds of workshops, and consulted to leaders globally. Based in Sydney.
m: +61 412 407 002

Paul Smitz

—words. Paul uses his editing and writing expertise to help make our content as engaging and readable as possible, with a minimum of pedantry.

Shawn Callahan

—founder, story specialist and consultant. Shawn ensures our methods are of the highest quality and he'll be there to guide your people through the most challenging stages.
Based in Melbourne.
m: +61 410 346 343


t: + 61 1300 720 537
e: people@anecdote.com
twitter: @anecdote