Global partners

Our partners will help you deliver your story program in your local language using local story specialists. Anecdote’s programs are available in 11 languages across 28 countries.

And if you are a global business, we can deliver the same story programs wherever they’re needed.

Map of Anecdote Global Partners

Get in touch and we’ll help you choose the best partner for your needs.

Anneli Knight

— Based in Byron Bay and working in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Anneli is a journalist, writer and strategic writing consultant with a background in law and finance. She loves asking just the right question to draw out the story.


—Based in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Andres Oliveros, Gerardo Canamar and Oscar Rami­rez are bringing cutting-edge leadership thinking to the Mexican market using storytelling techniques to help both leaders and sellers.

Atchara Juicharern

—Based in Thailand, Atchara uses her business and PhD experience to make a difference for her global clients' executive coaching, leadership and people development strategies and programs.

Bel Popovic

—Based in Bangkok. Bel is a psychologist and global business consultant who helps corporations with strategy, culture and leadership.

Bharat Avalani

—Based in Malaysia, Bharat is an expert in designing and delivering brand experiences, and in what better way than to use stories. He is a Unilever Veteran who has crisscrossed 67 countries.

Christopher Kogler

—Covering the great breadth of the USA, Chris is based on the East Coast and brings his Emmy award winning film and television experience to help leaders find and tell their stories.

Doug Keeley

—Based in Canada, Doug Keeley, CEO & Chief Storyteller of The Mark of a Leader, masters at using stories to drive performance across organisations of all types and sizes.

Hannah Havas

—Living in France for a decade and originally from the UK, Hannah is an international coach, trainer, facilitator and lecturer with a passion for helping leaders unlock their full potential.

Hywel Thomas

—Based in the UK and working with organisations across Europe, Hywel helps business leaders and their teams to connect and communicate more effectively and build their skills to share stories that move people to action.

Indranil Chakraborty

—Based in Mumbai, IC is a leadership and communication specialist. He has held senior roles, both domestic and international, in some of India's most admired companies and now brings that experience plus story work to our clients.

Param Venkat

—Based in New York/ New Jersey. Param is on a mission to help build high performing teams and achieve talent transformation through executive coaching, business storytelling and crafting deal winning presentations.

Perry Lam

—Based in Hong Kong, Perry is a Leadership and Executive Coach who empowers global business leaders to ignite their Executive Presence through Storytelling, Strategic Thinking and Persuasive Communications. Perry is an active TED conference coach

Peter Fox

—Based in the UK, Peter brings deep experience in large and complex projects that deliver. He is renowned for building strong relationships... and he writes like an angel.

Phil Day

—Based in Melbourne and working throughout Australia and Southeast Asia. Phil is a renowned international communication specialist. He is a leader in his profession and an engaging facilitator. He has a passion for helping leaders and teams utilise storytelling to speak with greater clarity and persuasive impact.

Ferah Lok & Tijen Mergen

—Based in Istanbul, Ferah and Tijen use their extensive executive experience to raise awareness and understanding of how The Power of Happiness can build employee satisfaction and wellbeing, and deliver improved organisation performance.

Rob Grundel

—Based in London. Starting out life in systems development, Rob developed an interest in how humans communicate. He helps TED conference speakers, coaches leaders and implements story culture for organisations.

Rod Rothwell

—Based in Seoul, Rod is a storytelling and personal communication specialist, having worked in the field since 2005. He has worked in major Korean firms and at two leading MBAs. He brings this experience to his storytelling expertise so he can tailor storytelling to the needs of his clients.

Stuart Reid

—Based in the UK, Stuart helps leaders and their organisations through times of critical change. He knows first-hand the power that stories have to guide change.

Tim Wise

—Based in Western Australia, Tim is a renowned entrepreneur and business coach who is focused on helping business people get healthy, energised, focused and productive.

Tracey & Bernard Swanepoel

—Based in Johannesburg. Combining the expertise of a resources sector CEO and extensive strategy and communication consulting, Tracey and Bernard formed THINKspiration, a specialist consultancy which helps clients distill their corporate strategy into a compelling visual story.

Arunanjali Maria & Soundari Mukherjea

—Based in Hong Kong, Arunanjali and Soundari are trusted consultants for Corporates in the area of Learning and Developmental solutions. They help leaders to be more engaging and for employees to be more effective through the medium of Storytelling.

Udi Nachshon

—Based in Tel-Aviv, Udi is a business storytelling trainer and consultant. He has over 30 years of experience in business storytelling, media relations, strategic communications, crisis management, and in the press.


We’re proud to partner with Persona Global®, based in Sausalito California, to bring Storytelling for Leaders® and Story-Powered Sales™ to their global community of 1700 practitioners in over 70 countries.

Persona Global Jon Gornstein

Through Persona Global, Storytelling for Leaders has been translated into Italian, Polish, Thai, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesian and Korean. It is also available in Dutch, Japanese, Turkish and Spanish. Between Anecdote and Persona global, we can deliver storytelling programs across the globe.


Twenty of our partners came together in Sydney in 2019 for our Annual Partner Conference

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